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Victoria • B.C. • Canada


Who we are
The club consists of a group of people who get together on a weekly basis to enjoy a few games of the Scrabble® Brand Crossword Game with others who love to play the game. The club is affiliated with a North America-wide network of clubs, many of which stage competitive tournaments involving participants from across the continent.

Note that we play a "competitive" style of play. See below for a comparison of "competitive" play vs. "casual" play. The club is intended for players who tend to take the game rather seriously, and ultimately want to play competitvely in local tournaments, as well as perhaps travel to tournaments held in other cities in Canada and across the U.S.

Players of all abilities are welcome. The only requirement is that you love to play the game, and would enjoy getting together with like-minded friends for a few games each week. We will assist you as necessary to learn the rules and adjust to the competitive style of play.

Differences between "Casual" and "Competitive" play
Number of Players2 to 42
DictionaryOfficial Scrabble® Players Dictionary (OSPD)1Tournament and Club Word List (TWL)
Time LimitsAs agreed between the playersTotal of 25 minutes per player per game
(must use a clock)
Rules"Box-Top" rules2 Official Tournament Rules

1This dictionary is available at most bookstores. The club has a few copies.
2These are the rules on the inside cover of the Scrabble® box - i.e. the same rules you use at home.